Wish We Were Lovers

Nutronixx - Wish We Were Lovers

Release 2021/06/18
Nutronixx is the solo project of Ronny Schreinzer, lead singer of the German electronic pop pioneers The Twins, who conquered the German and international charts in the 1980s with hits like "Ballet Dancer", "Love in the Dark" and "Love System".

After the first single Heart On The Run, this is the second single Wish We Were Lovers from the album Planet Of Love. This song is also clearly close to the well-known Twins hits. Ronny remains true to the principle of catchy melodies and memorable choruses. All vocals and instruments were recorded by Ronny himself. The production of the album took several years, whereby album and single have reached an audible precision.

Wish We Were Lovers is a catchy pop song, with fresh melodies of high recognition value and a modern song structure that will also find its audience on the dance floor. Ronny's distinctive voice describes in the lyrics how one can quite quickly fall into self-doubt in matters of the heart and then mainly blame oneself for all kinds of things. Regardless of all the findings, in the end he can only sum up that two people have missed each other.


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