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Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell
CEO, Head of Radio PR
Tanya Timofeeva
Tanya Timofeeva
Head of Sync & Creative
Joerg Fukking
Joerg Fukking
Head of Administration

North American Office

Steam Music Group LLC

2219 Main St, Unit #554
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Fon: +1-310-428 04 87

Scandinavian Office

Steam Music Scandinavia

L├╝tzengatan 12
115 20 Stockholm

German Office

Steam Music Germany

Krokussteg 21
16321 Bernau bei Berlin

Fon: +49-3338-9082391
Fax: +49-3338-9082395

Song Submissions

What's the best way to submit music?

Send your music only to this mail address please:

and follow the MUSIC SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. However, there is simply not enough time in the day to guarantee you a response, but if we like your music, be sure, we will get back to you!

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