Playlist Curator Pitching Service

Playlist Curator Pitching Service

Our PCP-Service connects music creators with music curators who wish to share new music with a wider audience!

Steam Music Radio Airplay Hits!
Tastemakers, playlist curators, influencers, music bloggers have a big impact on the success of a music track and it is getting more and more important to service your music also to these media outlets.
As part of our Radio Promotion service we can additionally provide your music to curators of Spotify-, YouTube playlists, music blogs etc. and more. Each pitch incl. up to 40 curators which are personally hand picked and genre related.

Additionally we post all campaigns we are working on, on our in-house social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. No news is lost when it is directly shared, tweeted or posted - modern real-time promotion!

The onetime fee per track for the Playlist Curator Pitching Service (PCP) incl. all setup fees is $ 650 (US-Dollar). For payment please use the PayPal button below. We accept bank transfer payment, PayPal, VISA, Eurocard & AMEX.

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