When I'm 22

Man vs Monkey - When I'm 22

Release 2023/04/28
"When I'm 22" is the lead single from Man vs Monkey's forthcoming album "Monkey Moments". The song is characterized by the vocals of one of the most talented Dutch singers "Bymia". Bymia has already made waves on the European music scene, having worked with the likes of Paul Mayson and LIZOT, one of Germany's biggest dance acts. Her soulful yet fragile voice perfectly complements the track's mix of electronic dance beats and organic pop elements.
"Working with Bymia has been an incredibly creative and exciting experience. When we asked her if she would like to do the vocals for our song, she was in her second home in LA and recorded the first vocal session in the studio there. But then she had to go to Mexico City for live performances, where she rented a studio a few days later and finally recorded the song. We then processed it in Vienna. It's so international these days. As for the song itself, we wanted to write a song that captures the essence of what it feels like to be young and full of hope, and I think we managed to do that with "When I'm 22," say Man vs Monkey.
When I'm 22 is written and produced by Man vs Monkey. Additional programming, mixing and mastering by Wild Culture.


01When I´m 22 feat. Bymia
02When I´m 22 feat. Bymia (of blonde Remix)