What a Night

Antonja - What a Night

Release 2021/10/22
Wow! "Antonia aus Tirol", the total transformation!
With "What a Night" the singer presents her first rock song of her own.

Wow, respect! Yes it's a big change, new music, new look, new style.
A very brave step by the singer because many know Antonia aus Tirol from the party & german pop (Schlager) genre. But now she is finally turning her back on the german pop genre. The artist wanted a change and since her youth her heart has been beating for rock music, which has always been part of her past shows.

Now she presents her new single "What A Night", Antonia wrote this rock song with a big message. Break all the rules. Nothing goes without risk. Lose all inhibitions. No matter what the others think and talk about you. Listen to your heart and your passion. The main thing is that you have fun. You feel this spark, just do it, even if others think you are crazy.
Behind these lines there is also something very personal about the singer, Antonia is known for her always positive charisma and the closeness to her fans.

"What A Night" Make this one night your night, as often and whenever you want. The main thing is that you are doing well.

In her career so far, the singer has completed more than 4,000 live shows. She was also "the" female top star at Playa de Palma on Mallorca (Spain), the top locations that call themselves "Ballermann".
But then, in August 2020, Antonia announced, completely surprisingly, her end from Ballermann and the german party an pop music.

Their hits have meanwhile been sold on over 6 million records and download portals.

Her career started in 1999 with Dj Ötzi and the number one hit "Anton aus Tirol. Then she started her solo career, with numerous chart placements, as well as her hit "1000 Träume weit-Tornero". She wrote the German text for this song her own. The singer also celebrates international chart successes again and again, including some No. 1 hits in the iTunes charts such as in Mexico, England, Belgium, Denmark and Costa Rica, as well as Top 30 in the USA and Japan.

Antonia aus Tirol, who was born in Linz in Austria as Sandra Stumptner, had been striving for a musical change for a long time. The singer wanted this change and explains: "My music will be rocking and real. Just rock'n roll. " In the future she will only appear with her band and her new music program.

On December 22nd, 2020 Antonia aus Tirol gave her first online live concert with her band during the lockdown phase, her loyal international fans were also there. Thousands of online tickets were sold in 39 countries. The first ticket was sold in Argentina in the first 2 minutes after the announcement.

A very courageous change of image from party & german pop hits to rock music. The "dirndl" is history. Antonia: "It was a really great time, I learned a lot and experienced a lot, but now a new musical chapter in my life is coming that I'm really looking forward to."

Antonia continues: "I used the Corona time to write my own songs again and record them with my band in the studio".

The result of this is the new rocky "Antonia aus Tirol" with her first own rock single "What a Night".

After further planned singles, her first rock album will be released in April 2022.

And her plan seems to be working. With her new version of "Jailhouse Rock" and her new recording of the classic Rocksong "She's in Love with you" Antonia entered the international iTunes rock charts in several European countries, as well as in the USA & UK, and climbed to number 3 in some countries. Her songs are streamed millions of times in over 100 countries around the world.

Antonia aus Tirol can already be found more and more on international Spotify playlists alongside rock stars like Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Metallica, AC / DC, Foo Fighters, Volbeat, Miley Cyrus, etc.

The singer announces that she will not do any cover versions for the time being. For the next singles she is concentrating on her own songs in the rock style.

A world tour through several countries is planned for 2023, across Europe, to the USA, South America, etc.

Antonia: "I'm really looking forward to performing my new songs live with my band soon".
Everyone will be able to experience the singer with her band and brand new songs and rock classics on stage in a completely new way.


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