Time Goes By

Hallowed Smoke - Time Goes By

Release 2024/04/26
Boston artist Hallowed Smoke has recently dropped his latest single, "Time Goes By," on Leap Day 2024. The song, which delves into themes of self-reflection, growth, and the pursuit of happiness, truly showcases JP Goldman's personal journey and musical evolution into Hallowed Smoke.

"Time Goes By" originated from a reflective hook penned back in 2017, exploring the concept of time passing while one remains stagnant. After a period of creative exploration and introspection, Hallowed Smoke rediscovered the heart of the song, infusing it with poignant lyrics and evocative melodies.

The single serves as an anthem for embracing change and prioritizing personal happiness, resonating with listeners on a deep, emotional level. "Time Goes By" is now available on major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery alongside Hallowed Smoke's captivating musical narrative.


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