This and That

INGER - This and That

Release 2024/05/31
Ludger Thomaßen began his classical piano training at an early age. He later played guitar and electric bass in numerous band formations in the Ruhr area scene and gained a wealth of live and studio experience in rock, pop, world beat, trash country and jam sessions. Ludger mostly played electric bass, acoustic bass, double bass and electric guitar.

Ina Könnicke-Thomaßen works with him on songwriting and the production of video and sound recordings. With her straightforward, rather dark voice, she complements Ludger's music productions to create a very unique and unmistakable style.

In spring 2020, during the time of home office and lockdown, INA and LUDGER experimented for the first time with music recordings in home recording, wrote the corresponding songs and created matching video recordings. This is how INGER was born.
The unmistakable and idiosyncratic sound results from the mix of self-recorded instruments, synth sounds, electro beats and vocals.


01Never Been to Goa
03Johnny Can't Wait
04About That and This
06Cold Out (Remix)
09That is What I Want
10In That City
12Shadows (Remix)
13Living With You
14Every Day (Remix)
15The Bear Kisses Me on the Neck