The Wings Of Your Love

JD Kelleher - The Wings Of Your Love

Release 2023/11/03
Following their highly acclaimed version of "Over the Rainbow" over the Summer, London based queer, non-binary Irish actor & singer/songwriter JD Kelleher has now released his new single and new music video of ,,The Wings of Your Love" (written by JD with producer Jimmy Pinol).
JD has reunited with Catalan musicians, Jimmy Pinol, David Ibarz & Marti Rieira (along with new band member Alex Badia on keys & synths) who together topped the Irish rock chart during the Marriage Equality referendum in May 2015 with their debut single & video version of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart, the lead single from JD's debut EP, The Ugly Tree.
"The Wings of Your Love is the first song that I wrote the lyrics for, so it's a special moment for me, sharing Wings with the world. My own songs are ultimately what I exist for, as an artist and we have recorded lots more exciting original tracks for next year." 

Jimmy's arrangements on the song is very cool and the musicians are in flying form.
,,For The Wings of Your Love, Jimmy and I wanted to write a full-of-joy love song that one might imagine as the theme tune to a big romantic movie. Musically it's inspired by of the sounds of Elton John, David Bowie and the Beatles and lyrically it depicts that fluttery "sunny" feeling of falling in love." -   JD Kelleher


01The Wings Of Your Love