The Heart Has No Choice

Frozen Factory - The Heart Has No Choice

Release 2023/07/28
Back with their second stand-alone single of the summer, "The Heart Has No Choice", Finnish/British band Frozen Factory deliver a catchy new anthem for those who know that all love and self expression between consenting adults is equally precious - and should be treated with equal respect. Backed up by heart-warming lyrics that speak of finding a home and power inside, the song recognises that the heart simply wants what it wants.

The powerful message of "The Heart Has No Choice" had led to a collaboration with highly respected creative Eleanor Davitt, who has helped the band craft a powerful music video using footage from her short film Drawn to You - an award-winning movie with nearly 10 million YouTube views that's about staying true to your heart. The music video will release on both Drawn to You's YouTube channel and Frozen Factory's own YouTube channel.

The song fits in right at the poppier, lighter end of Helsinki-based Frozen Factory's diverse spectrum of sounds, which range from fast-paced melodic metal to atmospheric prog-adjacent tunes and anything in between. With a subtle folky charm, the song features a melodic hook that hits right from the first moments, drawing the listener into the song's mix of acoustic and hard rock elements - all of which are blended into a warm soundscape with skillful production from the band's bassist, keyboardist and composer Tomi Hassinen.

British vocalist Stephen Baker sings the song's thoughtful lines with a dynamic and wide-ranging clean voice that increases in intensity as the song progresses.

Stephen describes the making of the song in his own words.

"Approaching the subject of love equality and offering support to consenting adults who experience prejudice and hate for following their desires were two things I really wanted Frozen Factory to address. I wasn't sure at first how I could write touching lyrics to do those things, but in the end I realised that people simply follow their hearts, and I wanted the song to recognise the unbreakable power in that - and to shout out that we know the heart wants what it wants! Like many, I hope that love wins in the end and hate becomes a thing of the past. So, this song is our support for love - in all its forms, for yourself and others - winning the battle."

Frozen Factory is currently creating more new music to be released later in 2023 and 2024, with plans to perform the material live in Finland, Germany and beyond being negotiated.


01The Heart Has No Choice