The Green Machine

Fiddler's Green - The Green Machine

Release 2023/12/29
For more than three turbulent decades, Fiddler's Green have been one of the most popular and successful formations in the European folk rock scene and have shaped the entire genre with their rousing high-energy sound.

In 1990, when we were students, a unique musical mixture was created in a shared kitchen with violin, accordion, brutal drums and guitars in a casual way, which has been celebrated up and down the country ever since. From the Lowlands and Pinkpop Festival in Holland to Sweden Rock and appearances at the legendary metal festival in Wacken to the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival or on one of their tours to Japan - Fiddler's Green have impressively shown over the last few decades that they can transcend geographical and musical boundaries easily leave behind.

25 albums and 4 DVDs underline the band's success, giving the often inflationary expression of "reinventing yourself" a whole new dimension. Because Fiddler's Green owe a large part of their career to consistent creative development with the courage to try something new. This was the only way Speedfolk could emerge with a guarantee of success! The Fiddlers' Irish Speedfolk speaks an international language - the energy released during concerts is absorbed, reflected and carried forward everywhere. The audience can now expect exactly this concentrated load of merciless joy of playing and an Irish-folk punk rock firework of hits that leaves no one standing still. Even after more than three decades, Fiddler's Green always manage to surprise themselves and their fans - especially at their live shows.


01Shanghaid in Portsmouth
02The Bog
03Good Old Irish Bar
04My Fairy Of the West
05I Don't Like Alcohol
06A Fleecy Cloud
07Ready For The Ball
08May The Road Rise Up To Meet You
09I Need A Volunteer
11Muirsheen Durkin
12The Parting Glass