Ilse DeLange - Tainted

Release 2024/02/16
Like the first singles ("Confetti Shotgun" & "Quiet"), "Tainted" also combines DeLange's country roots with contemporary pop and indie rock. Above all, the Dutchwoman sets a lot of speed right from the start: in search of herself herself, she falls in love in the first verse, only to see cracks in this happiness a short time later. "I got a tainted heart," her heart is tainted as she cannot understand his "concept of forever." Since the well-produced arrangement is so powerful, she can finally transform the disappointment into new courage - and at the latest, look forward to the epic finale with confidence.

"I'm incredibly proud of this song," comments DeLange. "It started as a very small acoustic idea. And I never thought it would sound so epic afterwards. We also played the single live - and it really went down! I LOVE IT!"

"How can something so beautiful go so wrong - that's a question we all probably ask ourselves from time to time. "You think a thing can't fall apart... only then does it break," she continues about "Tainted." The problem is often "individual truths" that can distort our entire perception of the situation. After the disaster, "you need some time to collect yourself again. And then finally new light breaks through the cracks. This way, new flowers can grow again."