Supersonic Speed

Bell Book & Candle - Supersonic Speed

Release 2024/03/08
This year the Berlin band Bell Book & Candle, which conquered the world in 1997 with the international hit "Rescue Me", is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To date, the band has played around 1,800 concerts between Templin and Texas. A wealth of experience from which the three benefit and which has continually shaped their music in new ways. Last year, the first foreshadowing of the anniversary album coming this year was released with the cheerful and playful "Gold" and the more indie-pop "Fight For Flight". Bell Book & Candle also open up new worlds with their new single "Supersonic Speed". The song is about love and appreciation for yourself. Jana Groß, singer of the group, says: "It's not about someone I've finally found. The line "in your arms again" refers - as can be seen in the video - to myself."


01Supersonic Speed