Louella - Stille

Release 2024/03/22
In her new song "Stille" LOUELLA dedicates herself to the complex streams of thoughts that accompany the beginning of a relationship. The song explores insecurities and the question of whether emerging feelings are strong enough to find true love. Despite the intense affection, it is difficult to take the first step and approach the other person.

The creative minds Felice Pedulla and Hubert Nitsch, renowned hit producers, worked with Louella to create a piece that goes beyond the classic love song. It addresses an emotional interplay between hope and worry and allows the listener to interpret different life situations individually.

The "silence" (Stille) in the song gives it a depth that makes it an impressive contribution to German pop hits. The successful collaboration between Louella's impressive singing talent and the creative minds behind the scenes is manifested in this expressive and soulful work.