Antonja - Shutdown

Release 2022/06/24
Antonja describes in her song "Shutdown" an up and down ride in total emotional chaos. Feelings that we have all experienced before, where we lose control. Who doesn't know that?

It then feels like going to hell once and back again. Sometimes it's sudden events and you just can't think and feel clearly anymore, you're at your limit, so you want to shout it out into the world, you want to tell everyone how you're feeling right now in the hope that it will get better afterwards.

In the lyrics Antonja describes the ups and downs of emotions of various life situations. The rock lady writes songs in which she often packs her own experiences.
She says: "We are all just human beings and everyone has experienced situations in life where such emotional chaos happened to you. But as they say, after the rain comes the sun again and so the power that pulls you into hell also brings you back up again, I try to find the positive in everything".

Antonja is indeed a very positive person, and despite all the chaos that has already taken place in her life, she always managed to redirect her thoughts into positive vibrations.
According to the motto: Everything will be fine!
Antonja is currently working with her musicians in her own recording studio in her finca on the island of Mallorca on her rock album. The music videos for her previous singles "What a Night" and "Burnout" were also shot on the island, as well as the new music video for "Shutdown".

With her debut single "What a Night," Antonja has now gained greater international attention, entering the iTunes rock charts worldwide, reaching #6 in Germany and also placing in the Top 100 in the U.S. On Spotify, over 1.7 million streams were achieved after only a short time.