Release 2023/07/07
MP Grey releases his new single "Run". The emotional Pop song immediately creates beautiful images in your head: a couple jogging together while enjoying the last rays of sunshine of the day and exploring the beauty of the city with all its sights and sounds. "Run" is relaxed and yes, even a real love song, but it never becomes arbitrary, it remains musically varied and lyrically "subtle-poetic". MP Grey's songwriting style is clearly evident on "Run" as well, giving it the sophistication it needs. The soulful vocals of singer Rudiger from LA, with whom MP Grey has already realized a few tracks, round off the song perfectly. Especially in the last third, "Run" picks up speed again: Instruments and finely accented Adlibs ensure an emotional finale.

The single was produced by Jimmy Deer, also based in LA, who perfectly gave MP Grey's song its current form. "Run" is sophisticated AC Pop that is radio-friendly and also works very well on a variety of playlists.
In 2020, MP Grey released his internationally acclaimed debut "Merged Time" and since then has regularly provided his growing fan base with professional and catchy songs. "Run" will also certainly be popular again.