Requiem for my Harlequin

Poets Of The Fall - Requiem for my Harlequin

Release 2022/04/01
Poets of the Fall is a Finnish rock band from Helsinki founded in 2003.

As with their previous eight studio albums, they've gained several #1 spots on the charts, performed world-wide to an enthusiastically loyal international fanbase and has become one of the most internationally successful bands from Finland.

Their music videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times on YouTube, and their songs are streamed over two million plays per month on Spotify alone.

The first Single Requiem For My Harlequin can be described as a massive power- drama that hurls you into a dizzying carnival ride, a thick Metallic Power-ballad full of of crunchy guitars, big symphonic arrangements, and the silky-smooth golden vocals the band is famous for.


01Requiem for my Harlequin