Raindrops Unite

Saraa Ley - Raindrops Unite

Release 2024/03/22
Singer and songwriter Saraa Ley presents her first single "Raindrops Unite" out of her upcoming album "Imagine Us".

With "Raindrops Unite" Saraa Ley wants to send a message of hope and inspiration. The song encourages you to recognize the small miracles in everyday life within yourself - to focus on the positive things in life. Saraa Ley's touching voice and her profound lyrics invite listeners to talk and think about life and love.
The metaphor of raindrops joining together represents the power of coming together and the opportunity to recognize love and connection in everyday things.
"Raindrops Unite" is more than just a song - it's a message that encourages to see signs in life and move towards them.

Saraa Ley is an up-and-coming singer songwriter whose music touches the heart and the lyrics supose to make you think. With her first album "Imagine Us" she wants to take her listeners on a journey of love, hope and self-reflection. Saraa Ley, who grew up in Germany and is currently based in Switzerland, has one unique perspective on life and the world which is reflected in their music.

With "Raindrops Unite" Saraa Ley gives a first impression of what her audience can expect can expect from her upcoming album.


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