moonday6 - Rain

Release 2023/02/17
Honestly! If you take the trouble to carefully compile a list of all the things that have gone terribly wrong in the world over the last two years, you get a very long list of bad results. In the song "Rain", the second single by the band moonday6, you are driven through the verses with a rough rock sound, almost stormy rain, and you get a rough overview of the battered live music industry. In the bridge, the singer of the modern rock band moonday6 gives up and looks for a way out. In the chorus, the band finally states: "The rain doesn't give a shit!"
The song has a great pulse that is somewhat reminiscent of ACDC. While one thinks melancholy about the described rain, one does not notice how a grown-up catchy tune has already made itself comfortable, so that it stays as a guest for a few days.