Release 2024/05/10
MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE - a ski-mask wearing techno/rap/punk crew, is dropping their 4th studio album RADIO HOPE featuring 8 artists from all over the world. The album will see a release on Streaming Platforms and CDs on May 10th 2024, followed by Vinyl release later in Summer through Fire and Flames Music (Germany) and Rebel Sound Records (US) and will feature genres such as Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Rave, Drum and Bass, Synth-wave, Happy Hardcore, Heavy Metal and more.

The upcoming "Radio Hope" album will contain 10 tracks, 9 of which will have Featuring artists from around the world. Including: Joshi of ZSK (Germany), Jen Pop of The Bombpops (US), Animal of Non Servium (Spain), Hoya Roc of Madball (US), Elisa Dixan and Los Fastidios (Italy), The Restarts (England), Messed Up (Belarus), Rob of Born From Pain (Netherlands). A mix of artists from Hardcore to Pop Punk and Ska - this marks the first time in band's history when an LP contains tracks with feats from other artists.

Ski Mask G of MDB on the album: "Our upcoming record is a product of hard work of a lot of artists from around the world and a symbol of international unity. We wanted this LP to become the sound of Radio Hope for people going through hard times. Our Rave, Drum'n'Bass, Metal and Synthwave beats are stronger than ever and this time we are bringing Acoustic guitars into the mix to add variety and emphasize some of the melodies. Meanwhile our friends featuring on the tracks bring a lot of new twists to the MDB sound to keep you all excited - from aggressive hardcore bellowing to all-female sing-alongs and clean harmonized vocals!"

"Radio Hope" LP is the first time that MDB will have tracks released with featuring artists on a studio album. The majority of the album was recorded and mixed in Moscow with featuring artists recording in their respective countries. Mastering was done by Joel Wanasek (Wisconsin, US) known for his work with Machine Head.

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a techno/rap/punk band: a unique and aggressive mix of electronic music, hardcore punk and rap, steeped in graffiti and street culture and flavored with a positive social message against war, racism and other kinds of discrimination. Initially created as a DIY team MDB has its roots in progressive social movements and graffiti underground scene, that grew over 15 years to tour internationally. MDB are known for their benefit actions, raising funds and awareness for progressive causes around the world; their sound mixing various genres, aggressive rap flow and spectacular shows featuring changing decorations and their Crocodile Mascot. The band on stage is 3 track suit and ski-mask clad figures - often joined by an anthropomorphic crocodile dressed in a similar style.
In 2022 and 2023 the band emerged after the global pandemic to play 100+ shows and festivals across Europe and the UK, including some of the biggest international festivals such Hellfest (FR), Roskilde (DK), Exit Fest (SRB), Rebellion Fest (UK) as well as sold out headlining gigs in Berlin (1000 people), Hamburg, Madrid, London, Paris, Prague; supporting NOFX on their Final Tour. The band's previous two albums "Boltcutter" and "Bad Accent Anthems" were in the annual TOP 5 bestselling albums in Coretex Store (one of the main stores for HC and Punk in EU).


01Radio Hope feat. Jen Pop
02Boltcutter Army feat. Animal of Non Servium
03Ruder than Croc feat. Elisa Dixan and Los Fastidios
04Return of the Reptile feat. Rob of Born From Pain
05Still Carry On feat. Messed Up
06Flares are Burning (Rave Remix)
07You And Us feat. Joshi of ZSK
08Against Them All feat. The Restarts
09Bass of Doom feat. Hoya Roc of MADBALL
10Live Another Day feat. Jen Pop