Molotov Train - Paralyzed

Release 2022/07/29
MOLOTOV TRAIN, the band including Shakra bassplayer Cyril Montavon, Stallion guitarplayer Claudio Reed as well as two former Maxxwell rockers Adrian Müller and Gilberto Melèndez has already released three songs. Completed with drum monster Rob Viso (formerly Babylon Sad) the Swiss quartet has already made quiete a good figure at its first live shows. But now their fourth output is already set for take off. Many things in our lives are toxic - be it relationships, an unhealthy use of stimulants, but also the use of social media as well as the knowledge of one or two sick contemporaries on this planet. All this unites «Paralyzed» - a song that increases bit by bit, increases with a catchy chorus and calls an outstanding guitar solo its own. As always MOLOTOV TRAIN recorded in complete self-direction, also the video clip was filmed and cut by the band. Only mixing and mastering producer king Jacob Hansen helped with killer sound. This combo still resembles a freight train, which is moving forward unstoppably and cannot be hold up by anything or anyone. The «Do it yourself»-attitude of the band is not necessarily intentional, but it shows that in many things you are always left to your own devices. No protective shield, without net and double bottom, but with the confidence and the power of a steam engine. MOLOTOV TRAIN are definitely a force to be reckoned with and will fire many more metal grenades. As is well known, a steady drop wears away the stone...