Release 2024/06/14
NASTY NEIGHBOURS, the annoying neighbours from Argentina, are coming to Germany. "Excelente", say the people in their street in Buenos Aires: finally away in faraway Alemania, those annoying noisemakers! "Los Nasty", as the band is known in the rehearsal room in Buenos Aires: Indie punk in English, Spanish and German - party-ready, punky, sometimes humorous, sometimes bitterly serious, but always danceable. The tracks get to the point, why deny it? Vampires rule the world. Wannabe VIPs are a plague. Singer Karina Kaos is bewitched. Monitors turn us into zombies. The band only feels sorry for the reggaeton rhythm - after all, it's not to blame for what the music industry has made of it. However, it's time to party - to the track "Caipirinha, Caipiroshka"!

NASTY NEIGHBOURS were founded by Karina Kaos (vocals/keyboard) and eMon (guitar). The project has roots in two countries: singer Karina Kaos (lyrics) is originally from Germany, the musical compositions come from the studio of guitarist and producer eMon (Emilio Rolón), in a small old house in Buenos Aires. After two demo EPs (V.I.P. 2020, Caipirinha 2023), the album "Nastysimo" will be released on 14. June: You can't get more "Nasty" than that!

The album "Nastysimo" includes the first two EPs, newly produced and recorded, as well as a new track. Nothing is programmed, everything was recorded in the studio, no autotune. The single "Zombiealarm" will be released while the Nastys are on tour in Germany. Stay tuned!

Bravo Revista (Mexico): "Pobre Reggaeton is a punk-rock song that mixes English and Spanish in a creative and playful way, with sounds of powerful and energetic instruments. This song is part of the five-song EP titled "V.I.P.", where Karina Kaos' voice makes you want to dance to her songs with her punky voice."

Revista Roadie Metal (Brazil) about "Caipirinha, Caipiroshka": "The track not only conveys the recipe for this drink that makes many people happy, but also alternative rock that flirts with punk elements, full of energy and rousing melodies and a chorus that you can quickly sing along to."

Nastysimo Tour 2024: With the financial support of the Goethe Institute and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany


02Pobre Reggaeton
03Caipirinha Caipiroshka
04Parents' Wisdom
05Rock Girl
06In My Brain
08Nasty Nasty