My Religion

Alejandra O'Leary - My Religion

Release 2024/03/22
"My Religion" is the new dynamic and evocative experimental pop-rock-electro single from American artist Alejandra O'Leary.

Deploying elements of folk, rock, electronica and radio-friendly pop, "My Religion" depicts the dramatic struggle to regain a sense of self after passing through life changes.

Staying true to O'Leary's Beatles and 1990s influences, molecular influences, "My Religion" is part of a new collection of original songs.

"My Religion" combines pop, rock, and techno elements in a unique and modern way. Early listeners say they can't get enough of its dreamy, hazy, melancholy vibes. Its "vibrant dream pop sounds...makes you want to drop everything" (SoundVille Blog, March 10 2024).
"My Religion" is "a very good pop rock song with a 90's sound (Liz Phair), some nice dissonances in the arrangements and a voice that goes its own way, like a clear line" (Freaksville, March 17, 2024). "During the pandemic I started experimenting in my home studio every day to see if I could come up with sounds I'd never heard before," O'Leary says. O'Leary expertly blends both lo-fi and hi-fi instrumental performances in "My Religion", creating a dynamic sound that dances between mechanical and natural tones.

"My Religion" was composed by Alejandra O'Leary and features O'Leary on keyboards, synth bass, drum loops, effects, and vocals. The track also features Jamie Church on guitars and Joe Beninati on drums.


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