Let It Ride

Man vs Monkey - Let It Ride

Release 2023/01/13
While Man vs Monkey is taking the scene by storm with their latest single "Alright" skyrocketing on streaming platforms and propelling them to a potential next big thing, their next track is ready to launch, expanding Man vs Monkeys limits even further.

So turn up the volume, get yourself a drink, and let Man vs Monkey take you on a journey in-between decades! Elements of the 80s disco unite with modern, laid-back vibes. The dance-pop hit track "Let It Ride" is the perfect anthem for a smooth road-trip on the passenger seat. Being the second track of Man vs Monkey's upcoming album "Monkey Moments", it features a captivating vocal performance from Zïe, an up-and-coming artist from the songwriter- and hit-capital Nashville, Tennessee.

The lyrics tell the story of two people who, despite going their separate ways for the evening, find their way back to each other for a night of passion and connection. So get ready to drop all your worries and just "Let It Ride".

"Let it ride" was written and produced by Man vs Monkey. Additional programming, mixing and mastering by Wild Culture.


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