Emma Mo - Karma

Release 2023/05/26
In the German pop scene, the name Emma-Mo is no longer unknown. With over a million Spotify streams at the start and two Ö3 singles, which also ended up in the top 10 of the Austro charts, she has already done a good job.

With KARMA, the up-and-coming German pop queen Emma-Mo has her album lead single ready. The song is an energetic anthem that explores the concept of karma and reminds that every action and mindset has its consequences.

KARMA is inspired by Emma-Mo's personal experience and, above all, invites her female fans to take charge of their own lives in a self-determined and powerful manner. The track is a wake-up call for everyone to make conscious decisions and be aware that every action can and will affect the future. KARMA showcases Emma-Mo's ability to convey a thoroughly feminist message in her lyrics and music that's pop on the outside and thoughtful on the inside.

This track is another step in Emma-Mo's career, who has already inspired the streaming community with songs like "Ein Wort", "Happy End" or "Nach Dir". Emma-Mo's songs regularly end up on the largest Spotify German pop playlist "Popland" and on the largest Apple Music German pop playlist "Deutschpop (Deluxe)". In addition, the 25-year-old from Lower Austria was able to land a prominent booking partner in Barracuda Music in May 2023 and will appear at major festivals such as Frequency or Nova Rock in 2024, as well as performing some live support gigs for well-known acts.