It's Forever

Stefski & Hutch - It's Forever

Release 2024/04/12
Stefski & Hutch unveils the diversity of their forthcoming new album with a second single « it's Forever », a twisted romantic song.

After having being noticed for their radical expression with the single « Selling Lies », this time they challenge the most typical topic of a never ending love by telling the story of a man who offers or rather imposes his aggressive and exclusive kind of love and despite the horror of the situation for the loved one, still finds a way to remain charming with his promiss of « forever ». The lyrics and the almost acting by the singer in the verses finds a perfect ground on musical ideas that stresses the intentions of the song. Rythmically it's a waltz, not very typical, rather a grungy one with that, but as the songs goes, the chorus maintains some hope in a well ending story with it's kind of French chanson melody filtered through alternative rock. The bridge has a flavor of the 70's rock music revamped thanks to an almost comedy-horror climax that reminds the listener that in the end it's all about good fun rock'n'roll and the story maybe is not as dramatic as it could seem sometimes. Frank Zappa might have loved it, Alice Cooper will certainly do.

Again with this duo, it is a very thought provoking song grimmed as a little love story. « Considering that the heterosexual family is not anymore the model in the western world, or at least not the only one, it was interesting to adapt the idea of being with somebody « forever » but showing more of the downside to it, just the contrary of the usual love song. It is a little bit cynical » says Stefski, but as often with their songs, they seek for balance, for the truth that is somewhere in the centre, trying to keep some sane distance. Hutch ads » musically, sure, it's inspired by Alice In Chains or a Tool kind of riff, but then when the song took it's form it just went full Stefski & Hutch, like with all the new album ».

Stefski & Hutch is a rock band founded in 2016 by a songwriter born in Paris and a guitarist, composer and producer from Warsaw. Very "guitar-orientend" in their approach but still keeping their sound fresh. On the 26 of April they will be releasing their new album « Selling Lies » that defines their musical style fully, from Indie to Grunge, Classic Rock to Metal, through Hard-Funk, Britpop, Prog and in the end so very themselves. An official video for « it's forever » will be dropped at the end of April.


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