Never Let Me Go

REAVEN (FRA) - Never Let Me Go

Release 2024/03/08
"Never Let Me Go" is the follow up to the huge success of "Ordinary Heroes" on US Radio. They ranked #25 in the TOP 40 Charts of New Music Weekly and #36 in the TOP 100 too and stayed for 12 weeks in a row.

The Story behind the song:

"Never Let Me Go" is Reaven's brand new single. They deliver a very colorful and catchy Pop-Rock Hit, with a danceable vibe that will grab you from the first hook and won't let you go until' the end. The unique vocal signature of Reaven's singer mixed with the warm and powerful sound of the band brings to life a song that will remain in your head right after the first time. The kind of musical 'love at first sight' we're all looking for.

The single talks about the unique feelings connecting people together. It can be two friends, two lovers, or even more than that, two soulmates. The idea of someone who is your safe place, your best friend, your partner in crime and also the one you would bring with you to travel the world at the same time. This Pop anthem describes how essential it is to be surrounded with someone that makes you feel like home. This is something we can all relate to and wish for, two souls walking in the path of life together, no matter what. "Never Let Me Go" is a little glamorous diamond confirming Reaven's status as a key figure in the new international Pop-Rock scene."


01Never Let Me Go