High life low mood

Rauhm - High life low mood

Release 2023/01/27
Life can be confronting. You may feel like you don't know yourself. One would like to have a master plan that somehow brings order and clarity to the mess. One sees and feels the transience of all things. With his solo project RAUHM, Henning Bahnsen describes the search for a positive way of dealing with these issues, without claims to answers or truths.

At the age of 13, Henning Bahnsen and Poul Jacobsen founded the first band "Goldkind" in 2006. At this time they still lived in North Friesland. Fields amoung fields - the children's room a rehearsal room. In 2012, the two found each other again - this time they named their band: "Land in Sight".
In addition to local and national band contests, the Federal Prize of the Berlin Festival ("Meeting the Young Music Scene") and festival slots followed in 2013 at the Deichbrand Festival.
After the tour support of "Tonbandgerät" and the release of 2 EPs and an LP, the collaboration with the producer Sven Bünger (Madsen, Johannes Oerding), they decided to move to Hamburg.

In 2019, the band was allowed to travel to the USA to play at the German-American Friendship Sustainability Summit on behalf of the Goethe-Institut Chicago.
After the end of "Land in Sicht" Henning then went on his own way in 2020. He founded RAUHM.

Henning wrote and produced the debut album of the same name himself. Together with his old companion Bengt Jaeschke, this production was given the finishing touches in July 2022.

In the genre of fantasy pop/rock, RAUHM's sound is both pompous and expansive, as well as private and soft.

Henning says: "I'm glad that I didn't even think about a release during the writing process. This gave me a lot of freedom in the song structures, the lyrics and the choice of instruments, which I might have rationalized away earlier. The music is kind of dreamy now and a little bit epic at the same time. Maybe that's why I'm thinking of this fantasy pop thing."


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