Hulkoff - Hersir

Release 2023/12/15
Hersir is HULKOFF's fourth album and is preceded by "KVEN" 2017, Pansarfolk 2020 and Ragnarök 2021. With a dash of Scandinavian melancholy, ancient instruments and acoustic violins, Hersir offers an assortment of rockhard, earthy, melodic and furious folk-metal --
a throwback in time accompanied by familiar and ancient Nordic tones.
HULKOFF's sound is a seamless fusion of melody and aggression, forged to resonate with the ancient echoes of the North. His lyrics are a gateway to the distant past, delving into the ancestral tales and beliefs of the Kvens, Scythians, Goths, Celts, Finns, and the later Norse, all of which from which influences can be glimpsed through HULKOFF's rich repertoire. Songwriter, composer, and guitarist Pär Hulkoff stands apart from other artists with his uniquely deep voice and thunderous folk-sound -- that are impossible to imitate. Unusual but familiar tones surround the ancient source material of Hersir, resulting in highly varied songs that range from aggressively uplifting to gnarly and determined folk-metal.
Hersir comes with eleven tracks, blended with both English and Swedish lyrics.


04Odin Owns Ye All
05Dragon Tattoo
07Son of the Nightwolf
08Iz Wodanaz Weraz
11Nigon Wyrta Galdor