Heartbeat of Machines

Pihka Is My Name - Heartbeat of Machines

Release 2021/06/18
Pihka Is My Name's debut album 'Everything Is In Between', released in March 2021, ended up being mostly instrumental, although a lot of lyrics were written for it.

'Heartbeat of Machines' is a piece of text I wrote around 2019, heavily inspired by Björk's songwriting for the Lars von Trier film 'Dancer in the Dark'. We wanted to use some of it on Pihka's post-album single. The single started off as a remix of the album track 'Between The Icicle and The Flame'. But with all-new vocals it's more than a remix, it's a new song.

It's been a while since we've actually written a song with lyrics and a pop structure that is this traditional. It was quite difficult to get into that headspace.

But it was a good experiment. Also, I've enjoyed experimenting with my voice lately. I've been really insecure about my voice over the last few years. But this Spring, I've rediscovered my falsetto and I'm going to keep working on that.

We modified the lyrics a bit to fit the single 'Heartbeat of Machines'. '...humans around me speak of random weird things' reflects our frustration with all this absurd talk of economic growth. There is this belief that feeding the money machine will somehow lead to a solving all problems.

That machine is creating a lot of inequality and unfair distribution of for example food and medicine. It's turning us against each other. And at the same time it's making us forget the most pressing issue, the climate emergency.


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