Happy End

Emma Mo - Happy End

Release 2023/01/27
After a year and a half break, Emma-Mo is back. Maybe she disappeared from the scene for a moment, but she was never really gone. Under the radar she was working on her follow-up album. The first single to be promoted in Germany and Austria is called HAPPY END.

"Happy End is a letter I wrote to a person I love very much. It took quite a bit of effort to write this, but the words now totally hit my emotional path. You have to fight for love, which also figuratively leads to being rejected or shouted at. I've always caught him when he's feeling bad - even when I've reached my limits. But in the end we all wish for the Hollywood happy ending", Emma-Mo.

ALBUM "KARMA" - BIO (release: autumn 2023)

"Now at the end of the development process for my second album everything seems very surreal to me". Because Emma-Mo makes it clear that so far only the surface has been scratched, the new songs will be a lot more personal and honest. Because: "There's more to come from me!"

The goal is very clearly defined: Emma-Mo wants to saw the German pop throne and ultimately take it. A goal that at first glance might seem a bit cheeky. On closer inspection, however, it is no longer so high.

The singer can already claim some successes. In the German pop scene, the name Emma-Mo is no longer unknown. With over a million Spotify streams at the start and two Ö3 singles, which also landed in the top 10 of the Austro charts, she has already done a good job that many newcomers can only dream of. But the puppy protection is gone. But Emma-Mo doesn't need it anymore. In the past two years she has not only developed musically, but of course also personally. Now she is ready for much more.

Sawing the German pop throne. And that should now work with the comeback album as a tool. Ten new songs show a side of the singer that no one has seen before.

The themes of the ten fresh songs: Versatile as always. It's about her own past, her family and of course love - and above all about the rather melancholic side of it.

The musician describes how blatant the writing phase was: "When I've written a very personal song, the topic often occupied me for many days afterwards and I sometimes withdrew as a result." A point that is often spoken by could of course be misunderstood in their environment.

Emma-Mo has a clear goal for her future: she wants to go back on stage. "That's where I belong," she makes very clear. And she affirms: "The first album was just the table of contents for me. My 'getting to know about myself'. Now the first real chapter of many begins. And that's exactly what I'm really looking forward to!"


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