Good To Be Back Together Again

Constance Hauman - Good To Be Back Together Again

Release 2023/06/30
Isotopia Records ( is releasing "Good To Be Back Together Again" by prolific collaborators Constance Hauman and Ross Pederson.

This is the first single release since her jazz/pop fusion NPR featured album Tropical Thunderstorm in 2021 which spanned a diversity of genres including pop rock anthems featuring Hauman's inimitable vocals, jazz-based instrumental pieces and compelling structured improvisations. The title track went to #1 on New Music Weekly's Top 40 and Adult Contemporary charts in June 2022 after the album's single "Taking Some Steps Ahead" went to #1 on New Age Radio.

Considered one of the most versatile and funky performing artists on today's contemporary music scene, Hauman's rich imagination continually leads her to new realms of self-expression and artistic creation. "Good To Be Back Together Again" Constance's penchant for improvisation with her long time producing collaborator, multi instrumentalist and drummer Ross Pederson has created a neo soul chill rumination on the limbo of defining a relationship and the cornerstone for her 5th album that will be released Oct. 27th, 2023.

Their collaboration has resulted in the internationally critically acclaimed albums Falling Into Now (2015), High Tides (2019) and the EPs The Quarantine Trilogy parts 1,2 and 3 (2020), Tropical Thunderstorm (2021). These recordings mark the evolution and progression of Hauman's journey from opera singer to singer/songwriter to pianist/composer and presently to a place where she brings all of these disciplines together.


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