Glitter and Blood

Magnus Rosén Band - Glitter and Blood

Release 2023/03/24
"Glitter and Blood" is the first single of Magnus Rosén Band's upcoming album. It's classic heavy metal with thunderous guitars, heavy drums and old school vocals. It truly shows the unique musicianship that Magnus Rosén is known for.

"Glitter and Blood" is the signature song from the album: Its time to rock the world again. The time has come to bring back the rock that was once revolutionary. A voice of the people. To raise the flag for freedom and independence in a world that feels more and more upside down. The song "Glitter and Blood" is about riches within power many times glitters on the outside but consists of bloody hands beneath the glamorous exterior.

The time has come to have a message that shines a light on things we think are important and that matter. Thus was born the blouse of the slaves, which then developed into the coat of the working people where all nationalities count.


01Glitter and Blood