Poets Of The Fall - Ghostlight

Release 2022/04/29
Poets of the Fall new album Ghostlight is a breathtaking completion to the band's third trilogy, (Clearview, Ultraviolet, Ghostlight). Ghostlight embodies the idea of metamorphosis, winning over hardship, of acceptance and becoming whole.

It is all about massive rock marvels, with grinding guitars and soaring solos and heart rending ballads. Of being transported into worlds of wonder along the silky and powerful vocals and orchestral virtuosity. It is about diving into the night and finding equilibrium and emerging as someone new. A cornucopia of dizzying thrills and soulsoothing balms.


02Requiem For My Harlequin
03Sounds Of Yesterday
05Heroes And Villains
06Lust For Life
07Chasing Echoes
08Weaver Of Dreams
09Hello Cabaret
10Beyond The Horizon