Forever Rebels

Bourbon Boys - Forever Rebels

Release 2024/02/23
After ten years of silence, the Swedish country band Bourbon Boys announces that their new album "Forever Rebels". "Forever Rebels" is the third album in the band's discography, and is preceded by the previous albums "Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle" (2013) and "Hail to the Chief" (2013). The band has previously been awarded two Swedish Gold Awards for the singles "Hillbilly Heart" (Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle) and "Taxman" (Hail to the Chief).

"Forever Rebels" deliver a classic guitar-driven country sound with influences taken from, among others, seventies Outlaw legends and rocking country from the later decades. The album offers ripping chickien pickin' guitars and steady trainbeats- but also low-key ballads with lyrics that tells about broken lives, an unforgiving nature, and indomitable love. Each of the tracks can be linked to a moment in the daily life on the countryside, written with words deeply rooted in a hard-working rebel heart; with love for the family, the animals and Freedom.

The first three singles "Chainsaw Brotherhood" (30/9-22), "Rippin' Up" (20/1-23) and "Shitkicker" (2/6-23) has been well received by the fans - "We've gotten words from people thanking us for playing again, saying they've been waiting ten years for this album. It's amazing. The fanbase has been solid during all these years, and we are honored by their love for our music". The fourth and last single is dubbed "Rolling Home", closely followed by the whole album through the record label Faravid Recordings.


01Chainsaw Brotherhood
02Rolling Home
03Mush or Die
04Rippin' Up
064570 Govt
07Northland Wild
08Good Men Become Outlaws
09Ride On
10Laminitis Boogie