Forever And You

AMY MONTGOMERY - Forever And You

Release 2023/08/25
There's both gravity and exuberance in this rock artist Amy Montgomery's voice. It's an instrument of raw, visceral power that leaps out of the speakers, roars from the stage and captivates the listener. Having made waves over the last few years with critically acclaimed singles such as 'Dangerous', 'Intangible' and 'Tree Song (Branch Out & Nourish My Veins)', she returns with a brand-new single that captures the sheer magic and exhilarating drama of her live performance. After the releases of 'Meet You In The Sun' and 'Change Change', this is the third single from her forthcoming EP 'ASTIL' which will be released this October. This will be Amy's first ever vinyl release.

'Forever And You' is possibly the world's first released English translation of Rio Reiser's 1986 hit 'Für Immer und Dich'. The song was discovered by Amy when she was asked by her close friend to record a rendition of it. Since that moment, Amy fell in love with the song, especially the lyrics and decided that this rendition needs to be shared with the world.

With Rio Reiser being such a famous and important musical figure in Germany, Amy hopes that it ignites some positive nostalgia among listeners while maintaining respect and admiration for Rio Reiser's life and his music.


01Forever And You