Flares Are Burning (Rave Version)

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE - Flares Are Burning (Rave Version)

Release 2024/04/05
MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE - a ski-mask wearing techno/rap/punk crew, has dropped a brand new single and music video "Flares Are Burning (Rave Version)", with cameos from a number of prominent Punk Bands! This is the third single for the upcoming 4th Studio album by the band "Radio Hope".

The track is a Drum'n'Bass / Rave remix of the band's popular Acoustic track Flares Are Burning - redone and rerecorded for the new Album. Just like the Music video for the original, the new video features cameos from a number of prominent Punk Artists: Los Fastidios (Italy), The Restarts (England), Feine Sahne Fischefilet (Germany), Messed Up (Belarus), Animal of Non Servium (Spain), Tagada Jones (France), Stage Bottles (Germany), Enraged Minority (Germany).

The upcoming "Radio Hope" album will contain 10 tracks, 9 of which will have Featuring artists from around the world. Including: Joshi of ZSK (Germany), Jen Pop of The Bombpops (US), Animal of Non Servium (Spain), Hoya Roc of Madball (US), Elisa Dixan and Los Fastidios (Italy), The Restarts (England), Messed Up (Belarus), Rob of Born From Pain (Netherlands).

Ski Mask G of MDB on the album: "Our upcoming record is a product of hard work of a lot of artists from around the world and a symbol of international unity. We wanted this LP to become the sound of Radio Hope for people going through hard times. Our Rave, Drum'n'Bass, Metal and Techno beats are stronger than ever and our friends bring a lot of new twists on the MDB sound to keep you all excited!"


01Flares Are Burning (Rave Version)