Timo Schniering - Flamekeeper

Release 2024/01/19
Anyone who has already been through a relationship in which he or she has been betrayed or who has been exploited, knows the feeling of losing themselves. With "Flamekeeper", the 25-year-old Mainz singer-songwriter Timo Schniering shares the burning conviction that it is always worth fighting for your inner flame and not letting anything or anyone get you down. His rousing candidate song for the ESC 2024 is Timo's first release from his third album.

The inspiration for "Flamekeeper" comes from a deep emotional wound: the end of a relationship that brought not only heartbreak but also a breach of trust. In the midst of the emotional chaos, the songwriting process began. Timo recognized that a lot has changed. But instead of falling into resignation, he found solace and expression in music. When he realized that he was being betrayed and taken advantage of, it was this song that helped him to come to terms with this difficult phase and to draw the necessary closure. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and over the years Timo has lost self-worth and self-confidence. But "Flamekeeper" is not just a song about overcoming challenges, but also a self-remembrance. A reminder that no crisis is strong enough to extinguish the inner flame to extinguish passion.

With "Flamekeeper" Timo would like to help everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Giving hope and reminding them that they have the strength, even the to overcome the biggest challenges.