Anni Pohto - Everywoman

Release 2022/10/14
"everywoman" is the feminist anthem the world needs right now. Anni Pohto's raw Nordic energy is like a fresh breeze, inviting you to join "everywoman" no matter who you are or where you're from. The song is part of her upcoming album "The Rising", a compilation of songs about healing and empowerment.

everywoman is an epic call that echoes Whitney Houston's tragedy

In the song, Anni Pohto lists different feminine archetypes and famous women to make her point: though every woman is unique and different, throughout history they all have shared similar experiences of mistreatment and belittlement. Her intense vocals break into a soulful singing accompanied by her signature pianism, constantly being backed up by the haunting beat that invites us to a transcendental dance. Time to shed anything that's holding you back, so let's move!

She also self-directed the music video where over 40 women from around the world representing different ages, colors, backgrounds and religions came together to emphasize the powerful message of shared life experiences. The video went viral on YouTube gaining more than 250000 views in a week, and the song can also be heard as the title song of a TV-series by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.

International team to back up the Finnish singer-songwriter-producer's rising

During the second half of 2022 Anni Pohto's international team has been expanding. As she is reaching new audiences and the message of the song is echoing wider and stronger around the world, the need for a clean radio edit of the song became evident.
everywoman (Clean Radio Edit) opens up the next stage of Anni Pohto's career, as she has begun to collaborate with a passionate and powerful pan-European team. Amongst the growing tribe is a prestigious collaboration with legendary music brand Roland - of which artist family Anni Pohto is now a proud member of.

"My voice, my piano, my beats"

Anni Pohto's music is like the northern sun. It is raw and wild, filled with strong contradictions taking us from the depths of endless darkness into the magic of nightless summer nights. Sensitive yet powerful, her songs embrace topics from personal to politics and beyond.
In music, Anni Pohto found her rebellion and her therapy. She began writing songs and stories at the age of 6. Growing up in the political atmosphere of the 90s Finland, she witnessed the fall of the Soviet Union next door and the Balkan war in the news. Wanting to understand the dark side of humanity, while craving to learn ways to express her inner visions, she dove deep into the creative worlds of songwriters and authors. She searched for solace and empowerment as much in classical and jazz piano as in feminist icons from Princess Leia to the girl power of Spice Girls.
Through her 20s, Anni Pohto worked her way in the domestic and international music industry. She got her first major label deal while still a student at the local music college, and continued to write with some of the biggest artists in Finland. The international scene opened to her after receiving a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. After living and breathing the East Coast music scene, she got back to Helsinki. In addition to music, another dream was unfolding: she was about to become a Master of Political Science majoring in world politics.

Since the release of DEEP, the first song on her concept album The Rising representing the 17 stages of emotional vibrations, her career has started to ascend. During the process, Anni Pohto has worked with award-winning filmmakers, and her every single has been placed on the official Spotify Finland playlists and her music has been consistently played on several key national radio stations.
Be it in art, sports, or politics, Finnish women have been making global headlines during the last years. And no wonder: their no-BS attitude is like a refreshing breeze in an often shallow and impatient world. They don't just walk the talk, they dance the talk. Anni Pohto's album will be released in the spring 2023, and based on the determination and eloquence with she is taking every step, it is evident that #TheRisingHasStarted.