Everyone is someone

Woo Syrah - Everyone is someone

Release 2024/03/01
Tom Aschman started writing music and playing in bands as a stereotypical autodidact at the age of 14 (highschool band called Javies), looking up to 1990s grunge and alternative rock bands first and later immersing into 1960s psychedelia and contemporary indie music. After local success and club gig tours abroad as founding member and guitarist of the power pop band Angel at my table, he released a first EP (Verlin) as a solo artist in 2015 and founded the space pop duo Nice Astronauts with a friend in 2016 in Vienna. They released two self-produced albums (xv
A new song entitled "On my way (to you)" - which is lighter and more poppy than "Stone, by" and "Heavy Winter" - was released as a single on February 11th, 2024.

The full debut album entitled "Everyone is Someone" will be released on March 1st, 2024. It features 10 tracks that are a mix of heavier, grungy songs as well as lighter, more indie pop tunes. The songs were written and produced by Tom (vocals, guitars, bass, synth), drums were performed by Jim Scheck (5 songs) and Mike Tock (4 songs). Mixing was done by Charles Stoltz and mastering by Mat Leffler-Schulman.

The most "radio friendly" songs of the album are: "On my way (to you)", "Fear makes the living dead", "What if" and "Seen from above".
Tom is joined on stage by Dennis Weihrauch (bass/guitar, USA) and Felix Kossmann (drums, Germany).


01On my way (to you)
02Fear makes the living dead
03What if (you knew)
05Heavy winter
07Seen from above
09From a tree
10Days are over