Chioma the NiGerman Queen - Dragon

Release 2024/02/24
Cool, strong beats. Hot melodies. Inspired, expertly performed rap rhymes get your pulse pumping.

A female voice that clearly knows where to go. Which can be driving and violent and yet is able to give a ballad all the fervor, passion and soul. This voice belongs to Chioma the NiGerman Queen. And their sounds carry this fascinating appeal and this pinch of the finest exoticism from the very first moment.

Chioma the NiGerman Queen, born as Chioma Akuezue, comes from Nigeria, from the Igbo ethnic group. The family fled to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, when CHIOMA was still a child. Even in her childhood and youth, CHIOMA dreamed of becoming a singer and was busy singing in the church choir. An EP for the missionary sisters of a monastery where their parents regularly go is also set to music with CHIOMA's voice.

The artist is drawn to Lagos, the wildly beating Nigerian (perhaps even African) heart of music, fashion, dance, acting, the entertainment industry and art. There, Chioma the NiGerman Queen received her first modeling inquiries and finally made the jump to African TV in 2009, where she became the protagonist of a reality show. She doesn't win the show, but she does win a cash prize. This is the starting signal for Chioma the NiGerman Queen to record three songs in the studio and even produce a music video for one.

A few years ago, CHIOMA came to Berlin and immediately gained a foothold here. She founded her own fashion label CHIOMAA and released her first album with ten self-written songs in 2016. The single "Gimme one more chance" reached number 19 in the German black charts. Various tours and club shows follow.

Afterwards, the music has to be put on hold for a short time as CHIOMA completes training to become a nurse and looks after her daughter. It's a hard time, but it now forms the basis for the new 2024 single "Dragon":
Because in this song, CHIOMA processes the battle that had to be fought in order to rise as strong as a dragon.

"Dragon" deals with the long journey out of an unhappy relationship and the difficulties one faces in such a situation. But in the end it was all worth it and you are happy and at peace with yourself. Nobody can play a game anymore. "You better not mess with me," says Chioma the NiGerman Queen, "because my anger can shoot up like a dragon."