Die Dramatik der Vergeblichkeit

Rondoprinz - Die Dramatik der Vergeblichkeit

Release 2023/11/03
We humans have to deal with the issue of unfulfilled wishes and dreams from birth on. Nobody knows whether they will ever find the woman or man of their dreams, whether the dream house will eventually be found and affordable or whether the dream car will one day be on their doorstep. The constant pursuit of happiness is also rather futile for most of us and it seems as if constant happiness is not so desirable after all; perhaps it is more about enjoying the here and now more and more.

The refrain of the new Rondoprinz single "The Drama of Futility" starts here.
It's not about feeling sorry for yourself because of the many futile things you face in life, but rather about enjoying the moment of a warm summer day, living in the moment.

Before Christian Bigos, singer, guitarist and main composer with Rondoprinz, made working on German-language guitar pop songs a matter of his heart, he accompanied the 1996 Flowerpornoes tour as lead guitarist and was thus almost directly at the source of inspiration for German-language pop music.
In addition, "... in the nineties he created YOUR FINEST DROPS, the most beautiful jangle pop with a female voice that didn't at least come from Sheffield. Later he sang himself and his eclectic raids became more and more adventurous and grandiose..." (Tom Liwa)
Uptempo numbers in which Bigos' post-punk preference is expressed in distorted guitars and unorthodox harmonies alternate with sparkling fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar and relaxed vocal delivery, accompanied by gentle beats.
Bigos, who was formerly a lecturer in rock and pop music at the University of Dortmund, sees himself in this tradition of the melodious representatives of post-punk (Wire, XTC, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions) and the 80s Byrds revival (The db's, The Replacements, R.E.M.) .
When listening to the Rondoprinz program, German pop lovers will be pleased to find that not all ground has been covered in this genre!


01Die Dramatik der Vergeblichkeit