Deeply Dippy (2023)

Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy (2023)

Release 2023/05/05
On 02. June 2023, the big compilation "The Singles" by the 90's success duo RIGHT SAID FRED was released - and with "Deeply Dippy", one of the most successful songs of the 90's icons will be given some fresh paint at the same time!

"Deeply Dippy" was RIGHT SAID FRED's third single in 1992, reaching the Top 40 in over 40 countries worldwide and even managing to stay at No. 1 in the UK charts for several weeks. "We liked each verse starting with the title of the song" RIGHT SAID FRED explain what's so special about the song. "We just liked the nursery rhyme nature of it." And indeed, "Deeply Dippy" is so catchy that over 30 years later it really is time to reissue the song!


01Deeply Dippy 2023 Version