Dancing in the wind

Ken Kings - Dancing in the wind

Release 2021/12/05
Kingsley Onyeama is an Afro-German independent Artist, music composer, and singer. He is known as an artist with the name Ken Kings.
Kingsley has been all the while alongside his educational and professional career as an Engineer and health care professional inspired naturally with music and songs, with a desire that he will at a certain point of his professional page express the light of music inside him that has been naturally there in him for quite a long period of a time since his childhood.
He is a young man who sings and writes music all the time, both in good and sad times on his own, because of his love for music. In December 2021, he decided to release one of the music he worked on for an extended period, "Dancing in the wind".
"Dancing in the wind" is a mix between pop and an undertone of an African drum beat. Kingsley is inspired and will continue to be inspired with music. He desires to continue writing and singing songs, for he sees music as one of the most important things that could keep someone going and give comfort during the sad and good times of life.
Music is what always keeps him going and moving as a person. In all, there is music in him that vibrates.


01Dancing in the wind