Brauch keinen Lover

Louella - Brauch keinen Lover

Release 2023/09/15
Louella presents us her brand new single "Need No Lover" and, as with the last title, her producer team, consisting of Felice Pedulla and Hubert Nitsch, has once again done a great job!

"'Don't need a lover' was written specifically for me and certainly for many other young women too," explains the singer. "You don't need a "guy" who just wants to use you as a figurehead for your status, but a man who really loves and supports you without thinking about the social "clich├ęs" and "advantages". Just a down-to-earth man who sees his wife for what she is: his life partner and not a souvenir. This is exactly why the song embodies the strength and willpower of women in a melodic way!"

With her strikingly powerful voice, Louella skilfully stages this message, while the powerful, driving beats perfectly capture the energy of the song - catchy potential is guaranteed!


01Brauch keinen Lover