Blinder Passagier

Tosha - Blinder Passagier

Release 2024/02/02
The feeling of losing everything about a person and still giving them more of yourself turns pain into reward. The fear of not being good enough and of being disappointed blinds our reality. With "Blinder Passenger" depicts tosha emotional dependency and combines German pop with drill and Phonk influences. How often do we swallow our own will and stay quiet again to satisfy others?
The song reflects how broken it can be to stand in someone's shadow, to be oppressed and to hold on to something that no longer exists. Stowaway - an appeal for letting go.

tosha is a German musician and singer-songwriter whose sound comes from German Pop, hip-hop and rap elements conquered the music scene. Born and raised in Berlin, with Polish roots, tosha is a powerful and authentic artist who knows how to express her to convey messages in an impressive and visual way.

After releasing her first singles, the artist collected her first placements in AirPlay rotations and official Apple Music and Tidal playlists, as well as at live gigs in various clubs in the capital.

tosha's music is characterized by direct, powerful and authentic lyrics in which she talks about equal rights, emancipation and self-determination speak. It reflects current events life situations and social issues, while striking a critical tone as well celebrates life in its lightness. Their songs are like a soundtrack from life inspires people and gives them strength.
Together with producer Qlan, who brings his own recognizable production style to the team brings and the formative influences of Amane in songwriting and productions, tosha creates a unique sound world. Her vivid lyrics, playful songwriting and her
chanting, give their music a relaxed vibe that makes you think.
A mosaic of lightness and emancipation. tosha's music is a call for self-determination and for liberation from the chains of convention. With her extraordinary voice and tosha conquers the hearts of her listeners with her catchy melodies and delivers soundtrack for a generation striving for change.


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