Bad Blood

KAYMA - Bad Blood

Release 2024/06/28
The new single "BAD BLOOD" premiered on national TV at the Peace Festival in Vatican City with the Rome Symphony Orchestra in front of Pope Francis, whom Kayma also met personally. Similar to his previous works that dealt with self-liberation, in "BAD BLOOD," Kayma confronts racism and calls to stop the bad blood between humans and to "reprogram" what we've been taught to believe and think about those who are different from us.

"The kickstart of writing this song came from exploring the concept of hate. It seems that messages that carry hate sometimes tend to travel faster and further than messages of love. And that's because hate usually derives from fear, and that's the number one trigger that alters and shapes our human mind to believe what we've been told to fear. The song is a call to rewrite our belief system that separates humans based on color, shape, and opinion. I think it's our responsibility as musicians to harness the power of words and melodies and create positive messages that transcend borders, language, and beliefs and bring hearts together."

Kayma wrote, directed, and edited the music video himself, along with Roey Rik.

Kayma gained worldwide recognition in the past two years. His singles, "Learn to Say No" and "Onsitelover," have been featured on top playlists in several countries, including Germany and Italy. "Learn to Say No" reached the top of Spotify Italy's most viral charts, as well as the TOP 20 on the Italian radio charts, and received over 200,000 Shazams, earning him 1st place in the discovery of Shazam Italy. "BAD BLOOD" reached 1st place in the Independent TV charts and 3rd place in the independent radio charts in Italy.


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