All Night Long

moonday6 - All Night Long

Release 2023/03/31
The Band formed right in the middle of the pandemic when live music was frozen and overall life was a bore . Singer Tobias Kiel already had an international career with the a cappella group vocaldente and toured the US for more than ten years. Guitarist Holger Marx played festivals like Wacken with his heavy metal band Velvet Viper. Professional drummer Tim Kagel and bass player Andreas Onken are the tight rhythm section. In their youth they just missed the era of the hairbands and witnessed the short time of Grunge. What started with Soundgarden and Nirvana hits the music of Slash and the Foo Fighters and comes down as the inspiration for their band moonday6. It isn t just a project anymore or just another suburbian garage band. Everything went so fast and developed so quickly. They found producer Hannes Jaeckl and recorded twelve songs. They got signed by Boersma Records and their first album will be released on March 31st.


01All Night Long
02I Will Be Gone
03Hunt The Sun
04This Feeling
06Hear Me Now
07Long Way Home
09Bad Luck
10Day By Day
11Seven Wonders
12Like A Phoenix