Fucking Schroeder - Alien

Release 2023/04/14
"ALIEN" is the long-awaited single by FUCKING SCHROEDER, the protector and savior of German rock music.

FUCKING SCHROEDER has always been different, strange and indulged in the cheerful & excessive way of life! And now he finally knows why, because he met a being of the one species ...

EXACTLY: Fucking Schröder is an ALIEN, is musical roots are the Stones, AC/DC, Steel Panther, Tabaluga & Westernhagen, which he freshly paved, in the intermediate part he seasons with a pinch of QUEEN and finally lands on the Alpha Centauri, where the masses of extraterrestrials receive and celebrate him as the new Messiah.

FUCKING SCHROEDER has also been a singer, guitarist and mastermind of the erotic cult band DIE FABELHAFTEN ZOOLOGEN for almost 30 years.