A Stiff One

The Refreshments - A Stiff One

Release 2023/11/17
A Stiff One - The new album from The Refreshments out now!

With more than thirty years on stages and roads around the country, they still stand firmly in the musical crowd where they have taken root since the beginning. It's rock n roll in its most noble form. Tastefully garnished with country tones and little winks to the ever-present rockabilly.

But above all, it's the songs.

Timeless harmonies on a bed of rolling piano, driving bass and swinging licks that steadily take us to the sing-along friendly choruses.
The Refreshments is the band playing yesterday's music for tomorrow's people.
An institution in Sweden whose relevance in 2023 may be more important than ever before.

It's about time for A Stiff One.


01Travellin' Light
02Mamma Rosa's
03I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known
04The Light Of Love
05Mary Jean
06Shim Sham Shimmy
08Howard The Coward
09No Mojo
10Midnite Blues
11Slippery Slope
12She's Got What It Takes
13Go Go Go