Give Me Your Love

Ryga (LAT) - Give Me Your Love

Release 2017/09/22
The devil and the suicidal one in the new and provocative video of the band RYGA.
The band RYGA, which released their debut album "Catch Her Groove" in 2017, took part in festivals "Saldus saule", "Laba daba" and "L?VIfest" and has already become known for its confrontational videos, is now releasing a new and thought-provoking video of the record "Give Me Your Love".
The song is included in the soundtrack of the Daile Theatre performance directed by D?. D?. D?ilind?ers "The death of Banny Manro" ("Bannija Manro n?ve"). The band leader M?rcis Judzis was nominated for this record in the annual theatre award "Sp?lma?u nakts" and received outstanding reviews and critical acclaim of music professionals. Actors of the Daile Theatre ?irts ?esteris, Ieva Segli?a and Kaspars Z?le (the Devil) take part in this video.

M?rcis Judzis: "The protagonist of the story is the Devil. He is exceptional in what he does, and now he has chosen two candidates. The evil one, in fact, has a good sense of humour and can dance very well, which is probably why the "clients" are easily caught on his prongs. He also has his magic potions that cause hallucinations so intense that even giraffes start to prance. This is not one of those love stories that end with a white dove set free in a wedding ceremony, but rather with a guitar solo on devil's prongs as performed by the devil himself, because he is pleased with his achievements and, feeling satisfied, he moves on to new, vulnerable, weak, tired, self-depleted, burnt-out candidates, who have been spat on by oligarchs, because they are the easy targets. Perhaps he is, in fact, a purifier who does not allow the seed of tired and tortured men spread any further?"


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